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                               Thai Yoga Bodywork (massage)

                                     Thai Yoga Bodywork is an ancient form of medical massage thought to have been standardized as we know it today                                             Buddha. Somaveda® Thai Yoga bodywork is performed with the client wearing comfortable clothing much like you would                                 wear to yoga or to work out. Although it looks much like yoga,  you as the client will simply be relaxing as your therapist supports and moves your body through various therapist assisted yoga postures, gentle rocking, deep stretching and rhythmic compressions encouraging your body's natural healing ability in a mindful way. Benefits include increased flexibility and range of motion, relaxation of tight muscles, reduction of stress and so much more. I encourage you to click below for a more detailed description

                                                                            $75-60 min                $105-90min                 $135-120 min                                                                                                                                                                                              

 What Is Thai Yoga?


                                          SomaVeda Therapeutic Day- A series of seven different sessions over a period of seven or more days. It time to                                           become unhealthy, It will take time to heal time. Each program includes Assessment, Hands on Therapy, and food                                               and nutrition counseling . 

                                                                                                                Total contact time is 10.5-12 hrs.

 Each Session will cover a specific "attitude".

 1. Intake & Traditional Vedic & Naturopathic Clinical Assessment with a shorter General Balancing Session

 2. Supine Position Intensive

 3. Side Lying Position Intensive

 4. Prone Position Intensive

 5. Abdominal/Torso & Leg Intensive

 6. Seated Position Intensive

 7. Long General Session and re-assessment   

Total program $825  

"I received one of the best massages of my life from Shannon, and I've been trained to do massage at Esalen, where I lived '81-85 and was worked on by world famous bodyworkers like author Deanne Juhan. Shannon's work was unsurpassed." Charles H.- Boulder Co

                                     Myoskeletal Alignment/ Therapeutic Bodywork


                                           Myoskeletal Alignment is a term developed and coined by Erik Dalton, PhD, in the early '80s after seeing a need for                                            a more integrative perspective on pain management in the human body.

Erik’s greatest contribution to the field of manual medicine: Working from the knowledge that the body’s myofascial and skeletal systems are inseparable. What affects one always affects the other. Accordingly, Myoskeletal Alignment focuses on treating stubborn pain conditions by mobilizing joints through muscle manipulation. This method in conjunction with other Therapeutic techniques will help us together relieve pain and discomfort from repetitive motion injury, work related disfunction, excercise related discomfort and create balance in the body

                                                                                        $75-60 min                  $105-90 min

                                        Plant Based Nutrition Counseling

                                   Have you recently been told you need to give up certain foods like gluten, sugar, dairy etc. by your doctor? Do you                                             want to change to the only diet scientificallyly/ medically proven to reverse the 1# killer today, Heart Disease.   Do                                               you just want to change the way you eat to improve how you feel or look and just simply don't know where to start.                                           Are you concerned about the environment and want to do what you can. Together we can evaluate your current diet and see what changes can be made either in one on one in office sessions, a total revamp of your kitchen pantry, cooking classes in your home or all three. 


Interested in a Total Diet Revamp- Includes a 1hr consult to assess your goals and food preferences, one week of meal plans and recipes with nutritional breakdown, 3 days of Complete pantry overhaul, grocery tour and in home cooking classes


Private or group Cooking Classes Available

Whether going RAW, Vegan, Vegatarian, Gluten Free or just reduce your animal product intake, Let me share with you some of my 22+ years of training.

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