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Coconut milk non-dairy creamer

A friend of mine makes this and it"s awesome. I use the original everyday in my coffee and and pretty regularly when I make coconut curry. I have the Tumeric tea latte as well which is awesome for inflamation. I'm getting the Matcha Green tea next. It doesn't have all the icky stuff in it that other non dairy creamers have in it and taste just like coconut milk should.

These are links to purchase some of the products I love & recommend to my clients. Here you will find all sorts of things i have tested, read, tried out etc. See if some of them will help improve your health, educate you or just entertain you. 

Sunrise Alarm Clock-I purchased this about a month ago and love it. It is a pretty basic version but i thought i would start with this one and upgrade if I loved it and felt the need. So far It's my new best friend & has made waking up in these dark winter mornings so much easier and more pleasant. If you are  a hard sleeper i don't know how well it will work for you but definitely worth a try. 

Fulvic Comprehensive Nutrition

I have been taking this Liquid Multi vitamin fro about 2 years. This is a complete, organic nutritional supplement. The addition of Fulvic and Humic acid makes this a more Bio-available supplement to your body. I do keep some on hand but can have it shipped directly to you. 

1gallon which lasts 3months-$139.95 USD

1qt- $54.95 USD- I use this bottle and refil with the i gallon since the quart bottle has a portion measure as part of the bottle.

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Alphay Medicinal Mushroom Products

Why Mushrooms

The mystery behind what makes Alphay products so revolutionary begins at the molecular level. Numerous studies indicate that polysaccharides, triterpenes, amino acids, antioxidants and other molecular substances with “immuno-modulating” properties in mushrooms have a profoundly positive effect on the human body.

This is what places Lingzhi and other edible mushrooms in a nutritional class by themselves. Within the DNA of the mushroom lies its hidden power to act as a vehicle for transcribing then transporting these molecular nutrients in their purest form into the body. With breathtaking precision, the pharmacological properties of Lingzhi combine synergistically to offer a formidable spectrum of benefits that support human health—including revitalizing the body, supporting the immune system, and balancing the mind and emotions. What you have is an exquisite match between Mother Nature and Human Nature. 

Balance and Stability Trainers

Both of these options are great for building balance, leg strength, core strenght etc

Book about Medicinal Mushrooms- This has some great info about the benefits or Medicinal Mushrooms. Short and easy to follow.