Ayurvedic Thai Yoga: SomaVeda® Level 2.

(48hr CEU)

Dates - May 29-June 3rd (Monday-Saturday) 9am-6pm each day


Break it up into two weekends in Nov

11th-13th (Sat-Mon) and 18th-20th (Sat-Mon)

9am-6pm each day

Space limited to 9 ppl

Cost: $1275 (includes cost of books).

Early bird price $1100.00 if registered  by  May 12th or Oct 20th

Deposit is $650.00 to secure your spot,

- COMBINED Level 1 and 2 CLASSES

Total 64 HRS (Best Value)
Tuition: $1400 Paid in full by May 12th or Oct 20th with $700 Deposit

Description: Build upon the foundation set in Level 1. Add more therapeutic postures & techniques that amount up to a single, flowing 60-120-minute session and how it applies to a 7day Therapeutic day. providing more in depth application of all five attitudes (supine, side-lying, prone, second supine, seated). Also known as the Southern Royal Method, we honor the most traditional 900 year lineage of Wat Pho or Wat Chetaphon based method in this course. Discussion will traverse theories of sen lines (energy lines), the 10 principle sen lines or nadis, 7 primary chakras, basic physiology & anatomy and ayurvedic approaches as it relates to the level of Thai Yoga being taught.

Level 2 Book Set Covers:
1. Ayurveda Thai Yoga Workbook
2. Ayurveda Textbook
3. What is SomaVeda Textbook
4. B.E.T. Bio Tapping Manual
5. Vitalism Home Study Online Course

***We also highly emphasize and learn how to integrate emotional balancing through BET- Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique, a healing tool gaining popularity in the US).

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All SomaVeda® Trainings led by Shannon Solomon are offered in compliance to NAIC. Participants are required to sign an APM (Authorized Participating Membership) waiver to join class, it is recommended to also join as an ABM (Authorized Basic Membership) after completion after the course.

**Cancellation Policy:
No refunds. If you need to miss class that weekend (7 days or more advance notice) due to emergency, funeral, or severe illness and you have paid in full, $200 can be used towards training at a later date, or can be completely sold to another person.  Cancellation within 7 days forfeits all funds paid. If the training is cancelled you will be refunded in full minus $25 processing fee. If you get ill during class and need to leave for whatever reason, there will be no refunds, retraining will be charged at full price. 

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga is the foundation of a comprehensive system of healing, founded by Dr. Anthony James, Dean of the SomaVeda College of Naturopathic Medicine. Practitioners of SomaVeda® learn to facilitate a holistic, therapeutic experience for their Clients, Friends, and Family, drawing not only from Traditional Thai Yoga (Thai Physical Therapy), but also from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, Naturopathy & Emotional Freedom Technique (BET)

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For More info about 200 hr Month long Residental intensives  in Florida

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(Home of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy)

(Traditional Thai Yoga and Thai Massage Science)

SomaVeda Thai on The Table (8CEU)

Class Dates

Monday Aug 28th

Monday Nov 6th

Take the skills you have learned in the Level One Fundamentals training and apply it to the table

Stand alone day $150.00

If Combined with the weekend prior Level one training $125.00

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Level one Fundamentals Of  SomaVeda Thai Yoga (16CEU)

​Class Dates

Friday evening 6-9pm      Saturday-Sunday 9am-6pm

*May 26th (fri)-28th (sun)

*Aug 25th (fri)-27th (sun) optional Thai Table Monday 28th

*Nov 3rd (fri)-5th (sun) optional Thai Table Monday 6th

$375 early bird 14 days prior to class date, $425 regular price (see below)

$150 non refundable deposit to reserve spot

Max 9 ppl per class
No Pre-Requisites, Registration links below
Location- 1800 30th st Suite 220-K

Boulder, Co. 80301

In this course we cover the basic concepts of hands on healing in a balanced session using SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy. This Yoga derived system allows the practitioner or teacher to gain a three dimensional perspective on facilitating and participating in another’s healing process.

The SomaVeda® level one Thai Yoga training class covers basic techniques and concepts from the three primary traditions of  Thai Yoga/ Thai Massage as well as the unique eclectic influence of SomaVeda®. The original Thai influences include the Wat Po style, Royal method, the Northern Style, Anantasuk, Indigenous Hill Tribes and the Buddhai Sawan Institute.

     During this course the student establishes contact with a genuine lineage and learns how to facilitate the healing energy of the ancient masters through the practice of Puja or healing affirmations.

      After completing the course students will be able to:


  • Perform Puja and healing prayers complimentary to all wellness and healing issues.
  • Perform a complete 19 Asana beginner Vinyasa or flow with a partner (also known as a one hour SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Massage.)
  • Understand the basic elements of the theory of Thai & Ayurvedic anatomy and physiology.
  • Understand Basic Theory: Seven Chakras, Ten Sen or Prana Nadis, Wind Gates, Asanas or therapeutic postures, Meridian’s and Acupoints, the concept of body work as a meditation, The Five Traditional Treatment Attitudes of the body, indications and contraindications for specific postures, major clinical applications for use in clinical or professional treatment environment.
  • Understand the benefits and contraindications as well as clinical medical applications of  SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy.
  • Understand and be able to perform the basic protocol and principles of SomaVeda® BET/ Bio-tapping technique for balancing and clearing negative emotion.

Learn the in's and out's of why a lineage is AWESOME and can be amazingly instrumental in your effectiveness at giving therapeutic bodywork.

Learn a 45-60 minute sequence to give clients or family members. 

What is included when I register for this course?

Cost Includes:
16 Hours hands-on, intensive training
Comprehensive cultural & historical background education
Complete SomaVeda® textbook
Authorized Membership to NAIC
Official SomaVeda® Practitioner Certificate
Official NCBTMB Certification with 16 CEUs

Level One is the introductory course in our 200 hour SomaVeda® Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner Program(CTP.)
After a weekend workshop, you may be authorized to perform your own sacred healing practice.
However, if your goal is to become a certified and or authorized health and wellness counseling professional the CTP is an excellent option, and your next step is the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Level 2 course. 
All SomaVeda NAIC short duration seminar/workshops are offered exclusively for personal motivational, spiritual, avocational, professional enhancement and or life enrichment.

Nope, you don't need a massage license to learn or do this ~ You will LEGALLY be able to do this following the training (call me for more details 303.709.2231)

You will also recieve a one on one session with me to practice, ask questions and and have me work on you.

Multiple Class Options

**FTY-1 is the pre-requisite course for Level 2 and on the table courses

Please review Disclaimer and Cancellation policy before registering for classes

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