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Beautiful Bodywork Manual Therapies & Wellness

Crossroads Gardens Bldg

1800 30th St Suite 220-K

 Boulder, CO, United States

Office Hours

Wednesday - Thurs  12-8pm

Friday 12-6pm

Saturday: 10-6pm

Finding the building: 

The Crossroads Gardens Building is on the east side of 30th Street, between Canyon and Walnut, a bit north of the Best Buy building – see map below. The building is hard to see from 30th street, as it is set far back from the street, 
behind Jiffy Lube and the four-story Sussex One Building. 

You get to the Crossroads Gardens Building by turning east from 30th Street at the entrance just north of the Jiffy Lube on 30th Street. Drive past the Sussex One Building to the back of the lot, jog right then left, and park beneath the Crossroads Gardens Building. Enter the building through the stairwell or elevator in the center of the parking area.